Talkin' Paint Podcast #7 - Social Media Is A REQUIREMENT For Growth

Talkin Paint Podcast Episode #7 – Show Notes

In the seventh episode of the Talking Paint podcast, Gabe Fletcher discusses the importance of consistent social media presence for businesses, particularly detailing, coding, and automotive film shops. He shares a client success story demonstrating the substantial benefits of maintaining a vibrant social media platform. Gabe also introduces strategies for effective social media use, discussing the concept of content cadence and the value of utilizing scheduling tools like GritSuite CRM. Additionally, he talks about an upcoming presentation at the Window Film Conference and Tint in Virginia Beach.


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My name is Gabe Fletcher. I operate Ceramic Pro Pottstown aka Total Detailing in Pottstown, PA. I have been one of the fastest-growing Ceramic Pro installers across the US. I have a 20-year website development background. I built my first website when I was 11 and have been enamored by Website Development ever since.

Detailing Growth’s Detailing 3.0 is a program designed for detailers. I took my years of website, SEO, PPC and totally crushed our market. It was my proof of concept that I knew we could do it for other people.

Our company was started to help car detailing businesses scale by providing SEO services, web design, social media campaigns, training, and more! We offer many different packages that are tailored for each business’s requirements. There is no cookie-cutter solution.

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Episode timeline

00:00 Introduction and Sponsorship

00:33 The Importance of Social Media Presence

01:47 Case Study: Jason’s Success Story

05:33 The Power of Consistency on Social Media

06:46 Implementing Consistency Without Consuming All Your Time

07:28 Avoiding Over Optimization and Performing a Google My Business Audit

08:44 Posting Content with Purpose

09:26 Understanding Content Cadence

10:22 Using Tools Like Content Scheduler

11:00 Conclusion and Future Events

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Episode transcript:

(00:04) Hey everybody this is Gabe Fletcher from Detailing Growth I’m your host here on the Talkin’ Paint podcast and today we are back for episode seven your social media needs attention before we get started this podcast is sponsored by detailing growth detailing growth is the ultimate marketing agency serving only detailers coding shops and Automotive film shops if you want to Skyrocket your business using real proven strategies that we’ve done for other shops across the country visit us online at

(00:45) so last week we talked about the customer value proposition also known as CBP I received a lot of valuable feedback from you guys and I wanted to just say thank you for that I really appreciate it we’re going to act on that feedback and try and put it in play and make adjustments as needed this week I want to address an issue that many businesses struggle with and that’s just ineffective social media presence across the board it’s clear that most businesses lack control over their social media platforms

(01:23) usually at their own demise most of the time during conversations and Discovery calls that I have with people we usually discover that their social media is less than stellar people think that it’s often enough to just post once or twice a week unfortunately this isn’t enough so let’s dive into why maintaining a strong social media presence is now more important than ever in my own experience I’ve noticed a pattern during months previously when we’ve neglected our social media efforts we witness a drop in leads a drop in

(02:09) retargeting traffic it’s as clear as day and night when we’re not consistent on social media our sales suffer however it’s important to note that having effective social media isn’t just about posting pictures of shiny cars it’s about delivering consistent brand message as well let me share with you a client story that I have for the sake of anonymity we’re going to refer to him as Jason I met Jason a couple of years ago and ultimately he started working with me after the agency launched and we really

(02:45) started to pick up steam and we got our processes dialed in like most detailers Jason was very skilled he had a couple of guys helping him part-time but he struggled to attract new business Jason had a website it wasn’t generating much traction and he had very sporadic use of social media his sporadic use of social media was of the theory that it wasn’t worth his time since his clients weren’t coming from social media so ultimately on boarded Jason and we optimized this Google my business we built him a website with foundational

(03:23) SEO and Jason experienced a big Improvement but he still hadn’t reached the goal that he wanted despite my repeated advice to be consistent he claimed he was too busy to dedicate time to his social media and after a heated discussion where frustrations were expressed and expletives exchanged Jason finally understood the importance of committing to staying consistent on social media it’s worth mentioning that I really care about my clients and the people that I work with and sometimes I have to have a really honest

(04:00) heart to heart with them and especially that heart to heart when my time is wasted so Jason finally took the necessary steps he began using our gritsuite CRM which includes an integrated social media scheduler that allows him to schedule content on Google Instagram Facebook Tick Tock initially Jason’s scheduled content on a weekly basis we offer social media management to avoid these issues in the agency however but I digress after achieving consistency Jason saw an increase in inquiries and messages on Facebook and saw a huge jump in his

(04:42) Google business profile activity it had actively tripled in three weeks in just the following 60 days of Jason getting started on this regiment he was able to stack on an additional fifty thousand dollars in Revenue is is what he put on gross sales just from him getting consistent on social media that’s the amount of money that he found that is for a lot of people that can make or break the next growth step in their business imagine what you could do within like another fifty thousand dollars in your pipeline and like in

(05:25) your bank account right now what could you do with another 50k worth of sales or could you build another website could you hire more staff could you invest in shop upgrades could you invest in things that would help your business could you invest in more marketing to grab more market share so maintaining a strong social media presence unlocked incredible potential for both Jason and my shop just remember that consistency is key and embracing the right tools and strategies makes all the difference so that brings us to the topic of today

(06:02) and that’s the power of consistency on social media and how it impacts your business so even if your clients aren’t coming from Facebook Instagram Tick Tock or YouTube these platforms play a crucial role in your online presence all the research now indicates that Google and the AI that it has major search engines including Bing have massive AI capabilities now more than we ever thought previously possible search engine AI is watching measuring and judging your online presence across these platforms including its own Google

(06:45) business profile Google will rank your business and business profile dependent upon how consistent you are on social media so even if you aren’t getting clients directly from these platforms you still need to stay consistent and what consistency is defined as I’m going to jump into in here in just a moment so now that we’ve established the importance of being consistent in your social media how do you actually implement this in a way that doesn’t consume all your time and still get results so this is the important part that you

(07:26) really need to listen to I would recommend it at least once a day but if you have a very hot Market in a big Metro and you have competition that’s posting two or three times a day you may need to do more but there’s a caveat here and that’s if you do too much you can be devalued and ranked below other people in the vicinity that you’re trying to beat so what you need to know about is a Google metric called over optimization that’s when you push a specific theme or content idea so hard that Google doesn’t

(08:07) believe you’re bringing unique content to the party anymore so it doesn’t hurt your current rank but it won’t also rank you as super relevant above other people how you get around this is by performing a full Google my business audit so that means that you’re going to audit and review your competition so the level of auditing that you do and what to look for is something that I could go on this podcast for for quite a while and what I don’t want to do is keep everybody here so if you want a guide on

(08:49) how to perform a market audit you can get that on in our Resource Center but most people think that just posting pictures of shiny cars saying we ceramic coated this car call us today that’s just lazy you have to post content with purpose educating your clients on why you and why this service is of the utmost importance remember when I say Google reads everything it even knows when you’re posting accurate and relevant information but I swear if I see you posting about ceramic Coatings preventing scratches

(09:34) I’m gonna curse at you so please don’t do that so let’s talk about the next thing and that’s going to be the content Cadence so most people come to me and say Gabe I don’t know what to post and I don’t know what content to take video of what should I do really with shops like Chicago auto pros and Rising Stars like Blue Star Auto Salon on YouTube you can’t come up with an idea come on imagine having a road map for your social media posts a clear plan that tells you what to post when and where

(10:12) so that’s what a Content Cadence is and what it does it’s a strategic blueprint that aligns with your business goals and speaks directly to your audience’s interests we offer a Content Cadence for free for the detailing and film industry you can download that at detailinggrowth.

(10:35) com in our Resource Center with the content Cadence you’re no longer shooting in the dark you know Mondays are for showcasing your latest projects Wednesdays are for sharing customer testimonials and reviews Fridays are for behind the scenes type of posts and videos so people can get a glimpse into what your business is like the point is is that every post has a purpose and every purpose ties back to your business objectives the best part about this is that once you understand and you’ve developed your personalized content Cadence

(11:10) using tools like the content scheduler inside of grid Suite becomes your best friend a few hours of planning at the start of the month can set you up for weeks of consistent engaging content so no more daily scrambles just strategic content that really makes an impact I hope that you enjoyed this podcast and it was helpful I really appreciate the opportunity to bring you this information and to hopefully be helpful for you so if you found this content useful and you’re watching on YouTube or you’re listening on Spotify or apple

(11:48) podcasts or Amazon or one of these other platforms please consider following or subscribing we would really appreciate it I know that I would personally appreciate it very much so thank you so much for listening and we appreciate you being here make sure you check us out at talkingpaint that’s t-a-l-k-i-n-paint.

(12:10) com for our show schedule and more information on the various projects we’ve got coming and going myself and my partner Tyler at detailing growth are going to be speaking at the window film conference and tint off and September down in Virginia Beach so we’re going to be giving a full hour presentation on what a marketing plan looks like in 2023 called firing on all cylinders so hopefully you guys are coming to that and we’ll see you there other than that thank you for listening we’ll see you next time thank you

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