Talkin Paint Episode #15 – Detailer’s Dilemma

The episode is a wrap-up of the year 2023 and marks the end of Season 1 of the podcast. The host, Gabe, expresses gratitude to the listeners and sponsors of the podcast and discusses the concept of “Detailer’s Dilemma” – the internal conflict faced by detailers in striving for perfection in their work. He explores the psychological aspects of detailing and provides insights on setting realistic goals, managing client expectations, and preventing burnout. Gabe also mentions future plans for the podcast, including speaking at conferences and releasing an ultimate marketing guide for 2024.

Talkin Paint Episode #13 – Erik Devash | TintWiz

In this episode, Gabe from Detailing Growth converses with Erik Devash from TintWiz, a CRM business management software for the auto detailing, ceramic coating, window film, and paint protection film industry. Erik shares his journey, from starting in a window film industry to developing TintWiz.

Talkin Paint Episode #12 – Just Let It Go

In this episode of the Talkin Paint Podcast, Gabe from Detailing Growth discusses the importance of letting go and delegating tasks in order to achieve business scalability. Micromanagement is identified as a common challenge faced by shop owners and business owners in general. Gabe shares his own experiences and provides insights on how to effectively delegate tasks and create a system of standard operating procedures. The GROW framework is introduced as a method for guiding, relaying, overseeing, and watching the delegated tasks. By embracing delegation, business owners can empower their team, promote growth, and prevent burnout. Don’t miss out on this valuable episode packed with strategies for business success!

Talkin Paint Episode #11 – Google Reviews Still Matter in 2023

Gabe Fletcher from Detailing Growth discusses the often overlooked importance of Google reviews in driving business growth. He provides insights about how Google reviews build trust and authority, impact SEO favorably, and influence customer purchasing decisions.

Talkin Paint Episode #10 – Where is the other 66% of the business? – Kolewe Customs

SEMA 2023 Exclusive Interview with Justin Kolewe of Kolewe Customs

In this episode, Gabe from Detailing Growth & The Talkin’ Paint Podcast catches up with Justin Kolewe at SEMA 2023. Justin shares his journey from graphic design to running Kolewe Customs, his Louisville-based vehicle wrap and paint protection business.

He grapples with operational inefficiencies and the challenges of balancing work and his personal life, particularly after the birth of his 17-month-old daughter.

The discussion further explores the importance of effective marketing and business structures. Gabe underlines restructuring for higher operational efficiency, like focusing on paint protection film for better profit margins and hiring a receptionist to handle calls and leads.

Talkin Paint Episode #9 – Follow Up Is What You Are Missing!

In the latest episode of the Talkin’ Paint Podcast, Gabe and Tyler shed light on the widespread issue of inadequate follow-up that shops deal with, discussing real experiences and offering insight into how businesses can improve. Tune in to hear their take on the imperative of robust customer service in sustaining and growing a business.